Boost Your Business by Offering Consumer Financing Options

Are you looking for easy ways to bring in new business and encourage customer loyalty? If you don’t already give your customers the chance to finance their purchases, doing so could help you retain their business. Most people want the option of paying for goods and services at a later time while benefiting from them right away. At Creative Commercial Capital, we offer flexible consumer finance options that can make it more appealing for people to do business with you.

Benefits You Will Love

In addition to giving customers an incentive to purchase with you, our consumer finance program also offers the following benefits:

  • Secure transaction processing
  • Quick fund deposits
  • Rapid credit check and approval
  • Marketing support and special offers
  • Convenient tiered pricing
  • Online resources to assist with application and transaction processing
  • Ability to collect on bad debt
  • Incentive programs (such as six months, same-as-cash)
  • Convenient training solutions
  • Ability to finance low scores (down to 580 Fico)

Our program is the perfect solution when you want to generate brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Get Started Today!

Call us today at 202-731-0300 to find out how our consumer finance program can benefit you. We look forward to speaking with you and providing you with a tailored financial program that will best meet your needs!